What Are the Various Pros And Cons Of Working Mothers?

Working Mothers Pros:

  • Children of working couples tend to become more responsible and more independent compared to those staying home with either of the unemployed parent.
  • Lower risk of feeling like you have lost your personal identity.
  • You will meet new challenges every day.
  • You do not have to put your education, skills or career on hold.
  • You will contribute to the household income.
  • You are not dependent on anyone.
  • Your confidence and self-esteem may be higher than stay-at-home moms.

Working Mothers Cons:

  • May feel guilty for leaving your children when you’re at work.
  • Maintaining a work/life balance is difficult.
  • You are pulled apart by several kinds of pressure.
  • You can spend less time with your family.
  • You will need to depend on care-givers to care for your child.
  • You are not capable of providing direct supervision unless you are allowed to work from home.

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