What Are the Common Problems Working Mothers Face ?

The story of a working mother will always center on striking a perfect balance between her family and work. A perfect balance means achieving success in fulfilling all her family desires as well as not neglecting any of her job responsibilities. She does not need sympathy or kind considerations from anyone. All she needs is a proper social recognition, appropriate opportunities and the sense of equality with any other full-time devoted co-worker (with or without any family responsibilities).

The role of a working woman is very challenging and when it comes to a mother who is working, emotional strength and determination are necessary qualities to possess.

Women have proved themselves in all fields of work. Today, companies are interested in recruiting and hiring more female employees at work. In order to recruit the best of the best, many companies are offering the following:

  • Flexible work arrangements to support various unique needs Satisfactory maternity leave
    Mentoring Programs at the workplace

Below are some of the most common problems working mothers face:

Logistical problems:
The list of problems included in the logistical problems involve coordinating the demands of work and motherhood. With, or without, her partner, she must coordinate childcare pick-up and drop-off, unexpected illness, and pumping and storing breast milk at work.

Professional development issues:
Sometimes, working mothers lose opportunities for promotions because of maternity leave. If she works a part-time schedule, she has to contend with less money and benefits than her full-time counterparts.

Health issues:
Stress-related illness is most common in working mothers. The percentage of working women falling sick of such illness is much more than those mothers who remain at home. Lack of sleep, pressure, personal guilt of leaving the child alone at home and many more are the prime factors of stress.

Interpersonal issues:
Working mothers who have less control over their work are most prone to such concerns. This not only leaves the mother emotionally frustrated, but also physically exhausted. This may cause disturbances and unnecessary quarrels at home.

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