Simple and Easy Tips to Help You be Successful at Your Workplace

Every person wants to be successful and popular at their work place. So what makes a person successful? Is it the looks, the personality or the qualification? Well, the qualification part won’t earn you any brownie points here. Have you ever wanted to be successful and popular at your workplace? Have you ever wanted your boss to appreciate you and sing a few praises? Have you always wanted to ask the beautiful colleague of yours or the handsome new manager to have lunch with you? I’m sure the answer would be ai???Yesai???. If you disagree, then you surely might be Hollywood’s biggest and highest paid star. Well, jokes apart, let us look at a few tips which would help you in being popular, successful and liked by everyone. Yes, that includes your ever fuming boss too.

Firstly, be courteous and polite to your co-workers. No one would like to be anywhere near a loud-mouth or someone who takes great pleasure in blurting out expletives every now and then. Everyone would like to spend time with a person who is witty and who has a joke up his/her sleeve. Humor has to be natural. Don’t try to present a joke that you have heard on Saturday Night Live or some show and try to pass it off as your own. Your colleagues won’t buy it anyways. Be natural and be yourself.

Be confident and be assertive. People look up to confident and assertive people. It is very easy for anyone to differentiate between a person who knows his/her job well and a person who just brags about his/her previous accomplishments. Sadly, the respect and goodwill that you earn is directly proportional to the above factors. Do your job well and do it to your complete satisfaction.

Smile. Yes you read it right. Don’t be snobby. Don’t be shy about your missing tooth or the extra wide grin that you sport. A genuine smile lightens up people’s mood and spreads cheer. Don’t overdo the smiling part though. It may freak out your colleagues and drive them away from you. Smile when you have to and let the smile be genuine.

Be helpful and don’t shy away from lending a helping hand. If your colleague is having a bad day at work, offer to share the burden or try and make things easier for him/her. This situation can be quite tricky sometimes. Being too helpful may over-burden you with your colleagues work, apart from yours. Don’t over reach-out. Striking a balance is the mantra!!

Don’t be too nosy or inquisitive about the latest gossip at your work place. Though it might be very tempting, leave the gossip part to the professionals ai??i?? the gossip mongers. You may find yourself in a very uncomfortable situation if your boss catches you chin-wagging about everything under the sun except your work. Not worth the risk and definitely not worth the effort. You make the choice.

Never bring your personal problems to work. If you had a fight at home or an argument, don’t bring it to work. Don’t be cross with your colleagues because of it. Angry outbursts can ruin the goodwill that you have earned among your colleagues. Just remind yourself that it wont serve any purpose at all. It might sound too easy to say but – try and forget about it. Concentrate on your work. Your paycheck wouldn’t carry any extra bonus for bringing personal problems to work anyways.

The above mentioned tips might not cover all that is required to make you successful at your work-place, but you sure might find them helpful. Always try to improvise and identify tips that work best for you.

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