Can Working Mothers Breastfeed ?

Breastfeeding can be challenging for all mothers, and working mothers have the challenge of finding time to pump breast milk at work. . So, does going out to work mean that mothers have to stop breastfeeding? The percentage of working mothers breastfeeding their children is much lower than those who are unemployed.

According to a poll by the National Womenai??i??s Health Resources, about one-third of all working mothers continue breastfeeding until their children reach 6 months of age. By comparison, more than 42 percent of mothers who are not working breastfeed until their child is 6 months old.
This data shows that the factors that breastfeeding working mothers face is dependent on factors like their age and type of job they have. If a mother works in retail, the rate of breastfeeding is lower than those engaged in an office environment. High levels of stress, and fatigue also account for the decrease in breastfeeding or durations of breastfeeding in working mothers. Other reasons include difficulty storing and transporting milk, low supply of milk and physical exhaustion.

According to the data provided by the United States Breastfeeding Committee, companies that encourage employee lactation support programs experience less turnover, lower absences, lower losses of skilled workers after childbirth, and lower rates of sickness in mother and child.

Ai??Large companies like IBM and Pfizer have introduced dedicated lactation rooms. All companies are required to provide Ai??a private space with an electric outlet, a clean sink and time to pump.

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