Blood Type and Your Personality- Is There a Relation?

Ever wondered why some of us are sociable and the rest are introvert? Ever given a thought on what makes people react differently in the same situation? Ever pondered what exactly determines our personality? Well, a very popular and interesting Japanese belief says that our blood type determines our personality.

For Japanese, blood is definitely thicker than water!

Furukawa Takeji (1891-1940), a doctor, was the one who proposed the idea that there is a relation between the personality and the blood type. Quite amusingly, the idea was prompted by the West. The people in the West thought that the Asians are closely related to the animals as most of the Asians and animals share the same B-type blood. Thus, they are the inferior race. This prompted a great deal of research on blood psychology, particularly in Japan. It gave birth to a new idea of blood type-personality. Studies were carried out to know how the blood type can affect various areas of our lives; including career, relationships and leisure.

When in Japan, follow the blood!

In the absence of any concrete proof, the scientific community dismisses the concept of blood type-based personality. However, this doesnai??i??t stop the Japanese to follow the blood. Companies in Japan even divide the work force based on their blood type. It is rumored that during the World War II, the Imperial Army of Japan formed battle groups on the basis of blood type. This method is also adapted by the schools for better teaching techniques. Dating services use blood groups to check the compatibility.

So, whatai??i??s your personality?

Type O- The Warrior
Positives: Loyal, Leadership, Passionate, Trend-setter, Self-confident, Independent
Negatives: Over-ambitious, Vain, Jealous
The famous Os: John Lennon, Queen Elizabeth II, Elvis Presley, Paul Newman

Type A- The Farmer
Positives: Patient, Calm, Sensitive, Responsible
Negatives: Stubborn, Over-cautious, Restless
The famous As: George Bush Senior, Adolf Hitler, Britney Spears, Ringo Starr

Type B- The Hunter
Positives: Individualist, Strong, Optimistic, Creative, Flexible
Negatives: Rebellious, Wild, Unpredictable
The famous Bs: Paul McCartney, Akira Kurosawa, Leonardo Di Caprio, Jack Nicholson

Type AB- The Humanist
Positives: Controlled, Rational, Popular, Sociable
Negatives: Standoffish, Critical, Indecisive
The famous ABs: John F Kennedy, Mick Jaggar, Marilyn Monroe, Jackie Chan

With whom are you compatible?

Type A with A and AB
Type B with B and AB
Type AB with A, B, AB and O
Type O with O and AB

Following the concept is entirely a personal choice. However, it doesnai??i??t take much to know your blood type, does it?

1 response to Blood Type and Your Personality- Is There a Relation?

  1. Nin said on June 30, 2011

    This belief is completely false. It’s like horoscope limiting stereotypes on very complex human beings. There isn’t any scientific evidence supporting this.

    People who invented this new ‘horoscope’ believed the more ancient blod type was 0, the second was A, the third was B, and the forth AB, so they thought 0 would must be a warrior, A would must be a farmer, B would must be a creative and AB would must be a rationalist.

    Nowadays, we now the more ancient bood type is A. Both 0 and B are descendants from A.

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