How Is Media Promoting Stay-At-Home Dads?

The number of stay-at-home dads is increasing every year at a gradual pace, in most developed Western nations. The role of stay-at-home dads is becoming more socially acceptable with time. Such a role is not always subject to the economic benefits of the family. Men who stay at home find they are developing a strong emotional bond with the child. But it is only in parts of the US, that the concept of house-spouse is gaining attention; elsewhere it is still unacceptable.

The concept of househusbands has been addressed by media in the last few years. The US being a media driven country is readily accepting the culture of house-spouse. So popularizing house-husbands is easier to do. To make the society more aware and embrace stay-at-home-dads, the media is portraying them and their image nationwide. There are various movies based on the house-spouse concept. Letai??i??s have a clear look into the various movies made out of the concept of stay-at-home dads.

Mr. Mom (1983)-
Mr. Mom is a Michael Keaton movie. This movie is a famous portrayal of house-spouses. The title character of the movie has made a deep impression on society. Since the movie most house-husbands have been re-named ai???Mr. Momai??i??. But the label of Mr.Mom was disliked by most SAHDs. The feeling of dislike was not because of the label but because of the nature of the title character who used to be quite the bumbling dad. . And most felt the character of SAHDs was portraying men to be too maternal, instead of paternal..

Daddy Day Care (2003)-
This movie stars Eddie Murphy, Steve Zahn and Jeff Garlin. All the characters centered around the lives of two men. Daddy Day Care humorously chronicled the lives of the two characters who were struggling to find jobsin their areas of expertise, and ended up becoming house-dads. They came up with a daycare business because there didnai??i??t seem to be any chances of future employment opportunities. Their unconventional techniques of childcare were Ai??the prime attraction of the movie.

Mighty Ducks –
Gordon Bombay loses his job and ends up in a job of coaching a peewee team of hockey. He was forced into this through community service. He was never a father to anyone but became a fatherly figure for most of the players on his team. He was just like a father for Charlie Conway. The role of the coach was played by Emilio Estevez and the hockey player was played byJoshua Jackson. This movie does not portray the conventional role of a typical house-dad. But the underlying message denotes the role very well. It clearly depicts how a father can be a caregiver to his son without getting engaged in any of the housekeeping activities or any of the stereotypical housekeeping roles.

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