Diabetes Can Cause Atrial Fibrillation

The associated complications of Type 2 Diabetes are increasing every day. Now researchers from the Group Health Research Institute report that this physical disorder raises the risk of getting chronically irregular heart beat by 40 percent. It is important to notice that both diabetes and chronic irregular heart beat are common in obese people. As two-thirds of American adults are obese, this research finding has its own significance.

Technically known as Atrial Fibrillation, there were few research studies carried out in past which related this heart condition with diabetes. The conclusions were drawn after studying more than 1,400 patients with atrial fibrillation. The results of the findings are published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, April 2010. This article tries to gain further insight on this topic.

Knowledge Gained from the Research:

  • Diabetic patients were found to be 40 percent more likely to be diagnosed with atrial fibrillation when compared with non-diabetic patients.
  • As the years pass by, the risk of diabetic patients getting atrial fibrillation, rises by 3 percent every year.
  • For high blood sugar patients, the risk of was found to be twice than that for non-diabetic people.
  • When the blood sugar levels were kept in control, the risk was same as that for non-diabetic people.
  • When diabetic patients complain of regular heart palpitation, it can be because of irregular heart beats.
  • This condition can be treated with medicines like Warfarin, but if ignored, it can lead to stroke and death.

What is Atrial Fibrillation: Most of the times, it has no symptoms. Though not life-threatening, it can cause fatigue, palpitations, fainting, clotting of blood, or congestive heart failure. Clotting of blood can lead to stroke which affects more than 70,000 Americans every year. The fact that this condition is closely associated with obesity and type 2 diabetes is particular worrying for any health official of this country.

How Serious is the Situation: The United States government had to declare Obesity and Diabetes as national epidemics last year. 49 of the 50 states in America are affected with Obesity. 23 states have recorded a rise in obesity rate and not even a single state reported of decline in this rate. Childhood obesity has tripled in last 20 years and children belonging to the age group of 9-17 years are also diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes off late. It would require more awareness about physical disorders like Obesity and Type 2 diabetes and their associated complications, among the general public, to curb them successfully.

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