Working Moms And Stay-At-Home Dads

There are many alternative names available for stay-at-home dads. What do you call them ? Stay-at-home father ? House dad ? SAHD ? A house-husband ? Or a House-spouse? All of these terms describe the father who plays the role of a home-maker instead of a mother. All the terms mentioned above evolved from the concept of working moms. In such cases, the father is the prime caregiver of the children and is responsible for the bulk of the household work. During the early days, the term ‘Stay-at-home dads’ was a shameful one.  Because people thought that only women should do all household work, and men must go out to work and neither of them could switch their respective jobs. But as families have evolved, the practice of house-spouse is also growing.

The fastest growing numbers of house-spouses were seen in the Western culture, mostly in the Northern US and Canada. This gained popularity during the late years of the 20th century. But this practice is less common in countries such as in Eastern Asia like South Korea and Japan. Have you ever thought how dads could be more beneficial?  There could be several reasons for this.

  • The most common reason to choose fathers as a primary caregiver is aneconomic one.
  • People suffering from some kind of job-loss and finding their family becoming affected, choose to swap their roles. They tend to become stay at home dads along with working moms.
  • Cases where the female partner is earning more than her male counterpart, then role reversal is always beneficial.
  • In most of the cases, the mother’s job offers more benefits than a father’s job.
  • But this is not always the case. Differences in working hours also account for a majority of dads becoming a house-dad.
  • Being a househusband does not always mean that you are doing the household tasks and child care. ‘Working from home’ can also be possible where the job does not demand the physical presence of the employee.
  • This has been made really easy by the onset of ‘telecommuting’. This way the man is not only adding to the family’s income but also contributing to the family.
  • Some fathers like to spend time with their family and also do childcare. So they opt to become stay at home dads in the presence of working moms.

Fixed gender roles have lost much of their popularity in recent years. Traditional gender-biasing is no more tolerated in most of the Western countries. There will be more stay at home dads where you find working moms.

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