Top Challenges Working Moms Face Today

The extent of stress in working moms is much more than their guilt. This becomes one of their top challenges to manage. Working mothers tend to get away from their kids as they get older. TheirAi??guilt gradually obsesses to stress. This is how stress makes it to the number one place. The most prevalent thought in the minds of any working mom is to give her baby a qualitylife. She assesses, re-assesses and re-evaluates the arrangements over and over again. She is only looking to do the very best for her childai??i??s upbringing, and a good mother is always involved in every stage of growth in her child.The next challenge for a working woman is toAi??always be proving Ai??herself in areas of planning and dedication, People always doubt that a woman is Ai??giving herself Ai??100% in work as well as at home. Most people also criticize her for having so many options, or that she should be capable of managing any of these. So it becomes a constant pressure on her to work more, take more responsibilities and avoid risks of complaining. Ai??This is how she ends up taking on extra work at home and also on the job, within a fixed or comparatively low wage.

The concept of working mothers has always beenAi??discouragedAi??in many parts of the developing world. Families do not prefer their women to go out and work. There is a strong disbelief that once a woman earns money, and becomes independent, she starts ruling over others. But this is not true. Everyone has their right to speak and express their views. Everyone is equal be it a male or a female. Both share equal importance. Then, from where does this issue comefrom ? A woman sitting at home is dedicated entirely to her family, yet she may lack social elements in her life. She lacks the knowledge about the world outside her kitchen, children and bedroom. But when a woman goes to work, she gets to know more about whatai??i??s going on around her. She takes an active part in family issues as well as the concerns that are ongoing outside of her life.

All the above are a few of the extreme causes of stress in working moms. Just saying the causes and symptoms is not enough. The questionAi??ai???how to combat this stressai??i??Ai??is still unanswered. Letai??i??s discuss a few of the various innovative ideas to combat stress in working moms.

The wordAi??ai???fusionai??i??Ai??is very familiar with most people. But, how many really know how fusion can be an excellent stress-reduction phenomenon. Not many. Well, the fusion which I am talking about is the fusion of social life and professional life. Let me be more precise and clear. Start talking. Talk about your work, your day at the office and about your colleagues. Stay as positive as you can. You can talk about ai???xai??i?? number of topics that you would like to share. But be sure to simplify them because most often it will be your children or other family members who will be listening. Do the same when you are at the office. Talk about your family, children, kitchen activities in positive ways. This transition will prepare you in becoming more of a whole person.

Unpaid Maternity Leaves ai??i??Ai??The biggest pitfall in the US is pregnancy. Usually, you will be covered by a paid maternity leave, if you have health insurance. If you donai??i??t, then there may be a period of time after your childai??i??s birth when if you donai??i??t work, you donai??i??t get paid.

Talking to othersAi??will help to make you feel that you are not alone in the race. You will find others also sharing the same boat with you. All of us struggle with our own problems thinking these are unique to us. But books, small outings with family and friends, relaxation techniques etc., are the best approaches to managing stress.

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  1. Very wonderfully written piece of work,though am not a woman not to talk of a working mother,but am still pleased with everything about this writing.keep the good work.

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