Myths About Working Mothers

All mothers are working mothers.Ai??Hence the term working mother appears to be redundant. With the birth of a child, a mother is also born. And working as a mother is the highest paid job. This is because the payment is love which is most valuable. A mother never existed before her child came to this earth. Itai??i??s only the woman who existed but never the mother. Children classify their moms as ai???kissing mothersai??i??, ai???affectionate mothersai??i??, scolding mothersai??i??, conservative mothersai??i??, ai???lovable mothersai??i??, ai???beautiful mothersai??i??, ai???strongest motherai??i?? and the list of names goes on. All a mother does to get that title is ai???workai??i?? for her child and bring him or her up. But still we donai??i??t consider them ai???working mothersai??i??.

The definition of working moms is different in our eyes. She should be a superwoman with extraordinary powers. With these powers she is able to maintain a balance within her family life and professional responsibilities. She strives to excel in both these fields. The rising numbers of working moms are clear proof of that. But our society has built so many restrictions and put them in her way to success. Myths and superstitions are one of the prime causes of such hindrances. Let us see how exactly the myths work or if they are really true for the working mothers:

  1. MYTH: Mothers who go out and work are selfish.FACT:Ai?? A mother always wants to give her child the very best. So she works to get extra income to add more value to their upbringing. Some women work to bring a balance to incomes in their home, while others work to exercise their skills and expertise. So how can they ever be selfish? Ai??Working does not always make them happy. Going out and working is not always a choice but can also be a compelling factor in a womanai??i??s life. A woman knows how to balance responsibilities. She is born with that art.
  2. MYTH: You should only work when your family is not rich.FACT:Ai??Many women do not opt for working only for the sake of necessity. ai???Working outai??i?? is sometimes their choice. For them a second income in the family can be an imperative. She feels more independent as she does not have to ask anyone for extra money to fulfill small needs. Women also have the right to forge ahead in life. But she never neglects her child. She does it only when she is capable of managing everything.
  3. MYTH: Sending a child to a day-care centre can make his life very bad.FACT:
    If the above lines are true, then why are such centersout there? Whatai??i??s the need if they are ruining the life of the child? Ai??A day-care center is well maintained, neat and clean, stocked with toys, it provides a caring staff and a cheerful environment. Your child also gets to play with other children and be a part of several enjoyable activitiesdaily. Does this sound so terrible? I would not agree, how aboutyou ?
  4. MYTH: Babies do not bond well with working moms who return back to their work very soon.FACT:Ai?? It is quality time not the quantity that counts where the mother and her childare concerned. Bonding requires affection and attention. Good parenting does not depend on where and how you spend your day,it is about how can you make your childai??i??s life better. Staying home with your child will just not make you a good parent.
  5. MYTH: Breastfeeding babies become a difficult job for working mothers. So they discontinue to breast feed.FACT:Ai??Breastfeeding can be continued even aftergoing back to work. But you will need a little preparation. This is why breast pumps are available. These breast pumps can pump milk within 15 minutes. This pumped breast milk can be kept in a refrigerator and used as needed. Itai??i??s all about balance and planning.

These myths may actually block the way for a few women, but not for all. Necessitiesand passions rules out other things. But these never teach fulfilling your dreams at the cost of your loved ones. So let a woman be independent and she will balance her motherhood with her work.

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