Facts You Never Knew About Working Mothers

Being a woman, I take the privilege of sharing the same gender with the most successful women in the world. I laud their wisdom. In fact a few of them are my heroes. Looking at the early years of the 20th century makes me realize how few independent women existed. They were virtually born for their husbands, children and family. Their thoughts and views hardly mattered to anyone; neither were they were given many opportunities to express themselves.

I had never thought that the number of working mothers would be this high today and it is on the rise every year. The rise in the cost of living is a major factor compelling mothers to go out and work. The majority of mothers want to have good things in life and want to give the best to their children. Most women also prefer working in order to fulfill these ambitions. The rise in the number of single mothers is another major factor to consider. Increase in rates of divorce is also forcing mothers to come out of their homes to work for their children, many of whom have been born out of wedlock. A highly unstable job market is also a compelling factor for working mothers. They hold on to their jobs in order to maintain a secure employment situation for their spouse. The outcome of this sense of responsibility and ability to exercise their own skills in women is called the working mother.

The first Mother’s Day was observed by Anna Jarvis, in Philadelphia, PA, in the year 1908. It was observed in a church to honor her deceased mother. Anna Jarvis had heard her mother hoping to celebrate a day to commemorate all mothers. So she started celebrating this day in memory of all mothers. She and her friends initiated the process by writing letters and campaigning for observing this day as National Mother’s Day. This took almost two years. And finally in the year 1914, the Congress passed legislation to designate the second Sunday of May as Mother’s Day every year.

A few interesting facts about working mothers –

  • Most working women prefer having no more than 2 children in their family.
  • 55 % of working mothers or working women of child-bearing age were seen in the year 2002.
  • 63 % of working moms are college-educated.
  • More than 687,000 child day-care centers have been established till the year 2002 to support working moms.
  • 69,000 centers are employing close to 750,000 women workers and 618,000 self-employed persons.
  • About 2 million (out of 10 million) preschoolers born to working moms are cared for at day-care centers.

Encouraging facts about working women –

  • Every 1 out of 2 workers is a woman.
  • Every 3 out of 5 workers below or at the minimum wage are women.
  • Every 4 out of 5 mothers work to pay for their school-age children.
  • Every 3 out of 10 working mothers work at evenings, weekends or non-office hour jobs.
  • Every 2 out of 5 working moms are professionals or managers.
  • Every 1 out of 5 working moms work at administrative support jobs.
  • Every 1 out of 2 people working for more than one job is a woman.
  • Every 1 out of 2 working moms supports about half of her household income or more.
  • Every 7 out of 10 married, working mothers work for more than 40 hours a week.

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