Even Modest Weight Loss Can Benefit the Immune System of Obese Type 2 Diabetic People

The United States government had to declare Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes as national epidemics last year. Research studies have already confirmed the nexus between these two physical disorders. Both these these health issue are related primarily with drastic life style changes. As they are two ways related to each other, working for one disorders curbs another. This fact is yet another time confirmed by Australian researchers recently, (April 2010).

The study found that even a moderate loss in weight can boost the immune system, especially in Type 2 Diabetic and Obese people. The results of their findings are published in the online Journal of Clinical Endocrinology Metabolism. This article tries to gain further insight on the their findings.

Type 2 Diabetes is an autoimmune disorder. Any ailment is called so when the cells responsible for protection of our body from germs and virus turn hostile and in turn cause destruction. As a result, for Diabetic patients, it is fight against their own body to survive. The state is further complicated by Obesity.

How Obesity Affects Immune System: The natural protection system of our body is technically called the Immune system. It is a collection of different types of cells, each type specialized in dealing with a particular type of threat to the body. There exists an inherent balance between these cell types. Excess fat in the body or Obesity disturbs this inherent balance turning the cells hostile. Such a state initiates production of what are known as the Pro-inflammatory immune cells. These cells flow along the blood stream and cause damage to the body.

Knowledge Gained from Research: The researchers as part of their study, applied dietary restrictions on Type 2 Diabetic patients for 24 weeks. Their diet during this period was limited to 1000-1600 calories per day. At the end of the study, it was found that there was 80 percent reduction in the presence of the harmful Pro-inflammatory immune cells. Researchers added that weight loss, just up to 6 kgs, can bring the levels of these harmful cells equal to as they are found in any lean person’s body.

Knowledge about these research findings should motivate us enough to begin an exercise regime without any further delay.

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