Are Cancer and Obesity Related

The nexus between Obesity and a range of prevalent diseases and disorders is well known in the American society. Type 2 Diabetes, Heart disease and depression are some of the health complications closely related to Obesity as its risk factors. Last year, Obesity was declared as a national epidemic. People from all age groups are suffering from this physical disorder and its related problems. Now, researchers have discovered a link between obesity and cancer too. The research took place in the University of Alberta. The results of the findings are published in the journal Molecular Cell. This article tries to gain further insight on this topic.

Knowledge Gained from Research:

  • Researchers from the Alberta University have discovered a strong link which suggests that 90,000 annual deaths in the United States can be attributed to Obesity.
  • According to the principal researcher of this study, there are a series of chemical reactions which control the growth of cells in our body.
  • The study found that these chemical reactions are influenced by factors like Amino acids present outside the cells.
  • Muscles and tissues in the human body are made up of Amino acids.
  • The presence of this nutrient is found to be high in the body of Obese people.
  • As a result, the response of the body to diseases and stress is affected in them.
  • The researchers are focusing their further study on understanding how the increased activity of amino acids help the cancer cells.

Significance of this Research: 73 million people or 34 percent of adults in this country are obese. It is the leading cause of mortality, disability, morbidity, health care utilization and health care costs in this country. This disorder costs $344 billion per year as burden to the U.S. health department. Women are at a higher risk of getting affected with these disorder. Sedentary life style, erratic work timings, no physical activity and intake of junk foods in excess are some of the prevalent causes for the spread of Obesity in the society. There are millions of people who are diagnosed with the dreadful cancer disease and lose their lives because of its incurability. If research in near future confirms the nexus of obesity and cancer, it is going to pose a serious challenge before the health care professionals in curbing the new trend.

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