Excercise Can Reduce Risks of Cancer in Women

Women are more prone to Cancer than men. Physically, their body is more complex than men. They have multifaceted role to play in the society and also at home. As a result, they neglect providing nourishment to their body and mind. Physical disorders like obesity, diabetes and mental disorder such as depression are common in women these days. Dangerous nexus between a host of health complications like heart disease, breast cancer, smoking, obesity and diabetes is also reported by research studies. But regular physical activity can reduce the risks of cancer in women, provided they get adequate sleep. This article tries to get further insight on this topic.

Knowledge Gained From Research:

  • Researchers at the National Cancer Institute learnt that regular exercise reduces the risks of cancer in women, especially in breast and colon cancers.
  • Duration for less than 7-8 hours negatively affects the risk lowering ability of exercise, however.
  • The exact reasons of how exercise reduces the risks of cancer is not known yet.
  • It is believed by the researchers that factors like body weight, the natural protection mechanism of our body called the immune system and naturally present chemical substances which help the organs to function properly called the hormones, get influenced by exercise and play an important role in reducing the risks of cancer.
  • The research study involved 5,968 above the age of 18 years with no history of cancer.
  • The researchers wanted to study the relationship between exercise, risks of cancer (breast and colon) and the effect of inadequate sleep.
  • The research revealed that inadequate sleep changes the positive effects exercise has on the risks of cancer.
  • This result was especially found to be true in the case of young and middle-aged women.
  • In 50 percent women who exercised regularly, the risks of getting all types of cancer, especially breast cancer, reduced significantly.
  • But when the factor of sleep duration was included, it was learnt that in exercising women with inadequate sleep, the positive effects of exercise reduced considerably.
  • This study is first of its kind relating the risks of cancer with sleep inadequacy.
  • These results were presented at the American Association for Cancer Research’s Seventh Annual International Conference on Frontiers in Cancer Prevention, November 2008.

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