Can Cancer Stem Cells Be Killed Naturally – Virus Therapy

The concept of Cancer stem cells is relatively new to the medical fraternity. Previous research studies have revealed that stem cells are the root cause of growth and sustaining of cancer cells in the tumours. They are immune from the available cancer treatment technique like Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy and respond poorly to them. These techniques kills the ordinary cancer cells only. As a result, the possibility of getting this dreadful disease even after going through the expensive treatments cannot be ruled out. According to researchers at the Dalhousie Medical School have discovered that an ordinary virus can naturally seek and destroy the cancer stem cells. This article tries to gain further insight on this finding.

Knowledge Gained from Research:

  • According to Dr. Lee, Cameron Chair in Basic Cancer Research at Dalhousie Medical School, cancer stem cells can be destroyed naturally.
  • He along with his research team has found out that a very common virus called the Reovirus can seek and destroy them.
  • The virus Reovirus is not harmful to humans but has the ability to kill normal cancer cells.
  • Dr. Lee’s team first discovered this fact and extended their research to find out whether these virus can kill the stem cancer cells too.
  • Fresh breast cancer tissues taken from a patient were used to prove the present findings in the laboratory.

ai???We are taking advantage of the natural characteristics of reovirus and the immune system itself to create a powerful virus-based anti-cancer therapy.”

– Dr.Lee

  • It was learnt from the research that the virus apart from seeking and destroying cancer stem cells, also have the ability to stimulate the immune system of the body to fight against cancer.
  • The future research is on refining the two prong treatment technique of gearing the immune system and also seeking and destroying of the stem cancer cells using virus therapy.
  • Clinical trials of this virus is carried at a Calgary-based company, Oncolytics Biotech Inc., to ensure the safety of the technique on humans.

The existing cancer treatment techniques are proved to be partially effective in their job apart from being costly and having number of side effects. Virus therapy is expected to provide treatment to cancer without causing any side effects.

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