Technique to Produce Unlimited Supply of Stem Cells is Discovered

Stem cells are special. They have the ability to divide like ordinary cells. The unique ability of stem cells is that they change from one type to another. Based on the requirement of functionalities in a region of the body, stem cells adept themselves to the local environment. They can regenerate organs, inhibit cancer and be the one shot remedy to a host of human ailments. Scientists all over the world created stem cells in laboratory which lasted for merely four to five days until now. A discovery at the Ansary Stem Cell Institute at Weill Cornell Medical College, reveals that the cells with which the blood vessels are made up of, have the potential to produce stem cells in large quantities. This article tries to gain further insight in this new discovery.

“This is groundbreaking research with potential application for regeneration of organs and inhibition of cancer cell growth”

– Dr. Antonio M. Gotto Jr., the Stephen and Suzanne Weiss Dean of Weill Cornell Medical College and Provost for Medical Affairs of Cornell University.

Knowledge Gained From Research:

  • Endothelial cells are the building blocks of a complex network of vessels and tissues in our body, technically called the Vascular system.
  • It is through the tissues of Vascular system, that the entire body receives oxygen rich blood and other essential fluids for its normal functioning.
  • The research discovered that when stem cells were grown in the laboratory along with the Endothelial cells, their quantity and longevity increases substantially.
  • The Endothelial cells are found in the research to be programmed in such a way that they ensure the longevity and growth of the stem cells, apart from carrying out their normal functions.
  • Earlier stem cells were available for artificial growth in laboratory only through a fluid called serum, separated from blood.
  • Since Endothelial cells are associated with every organ of the body, it implies that stem cells can now be produced from different organs of the body like brain, lungs, heart and skin.
  • In this way, an unlimited supply of the stem cells is now available for doctors all around the world.
  • The details of this finding was published in the Journal Cell Stem Cell on March 5.

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