Can Inflammatory Bowel Disease Be Self Healed

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is associated with swelling in regions which can extend from the mouth to the anus. Primarily, there are two types of IBDs. They are Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative colitis. In the former type, the effected area can be the entire stretch from mouth to the anus. In the latter type of IBD, the location is restricted to areas called the colon and rectum. The exact causes of these diseases were not known until now.

Recently, a theory is emerging which interprets IBD as a result of over-active immune system (natural protection system of the body) of the body. When a person’s body does not contain considerable amount of harmful organisms like bacteria and viruses, the immune system does not find enough targets to kill. Instead of remaining inactive, the immune system in these patients start reacting in a counter productive manner leading to ailments like IBD.

Generally, the treatment process of IBD is to make its immune system become suppressive for a while. This is done with the help of medicines mostly. But these medicines are partially effective in inhibiting a natural response of the body, its ability to protect itself from external threat. On the contrary, these medicines have unavoidable and harmful side effects. But according to the latest research carried out in this field (dated January 21st 2010), the best treatment for IBD is within our body itself. Some useful bacteria, always present in our body called the Probiotics, are considered as the most powerful treatment technique for IBD until date, by researchers.

Knowledge Gained from the Research:

  • Several research studies have proved that a chemical substance butyric acid can naturally treat IBD.
  • There are some friendly Probiotics present in the intestine which produce butyric acid.
  • It is found that in the intestines of people suffering from IBD, the presence of these probiotics is very less in number.
  • The researchers confirmed this fact by injecting the probiotics in experimental rats suffering from IBD.
  • It was found that the levels of butyric acid in these mice reached normalcy and symptoms of IBD were treated well.
  • Butyric acid is considered to have ability to reduce the swelling and strengthen the cells of the intestine walls weakened by IBD.

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