Blueberries Can Prevent Neurodegeneration in Old People

The human brain is made of billions of cells called the Neurons. These cells generate, send and receive the electrical signals from each other which forms communication inside the brain. The component called receptor present in the surface of the brain cell neuron, helps in this process. The signals are generated inside the cells by naturally present chemical substances called the hormones.

Cells in other parts of the entire body have the ability to divide any number of times as per the requirement. But neurons or the brain cells cannot divide much. As a result, when a disease affects the brain targeting its neurons, it is indeed dreadful by nature. Such a disease is called the neurodegenerative disorder. Here, the cells of the brain and an important organ in communication called the spinal cord, are lost. The damage done is excessive and either affects the movements of the patient or his memory. The symptoms of the disease remain latent in the initial stages and become apparent when large number of cells are lost. Old people are more prone to these diseases..

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati with the assistance of Departments of Agriculture of both the United States and Canada, have now confirmed that eating blueberries can naturally enhance memory. The researchers wanted to test the prevalent claims of this fruit being a memory enhancer. These claims were based on the past knowledge that the fruit is a rich source of antioxidant and contains substances like photochemicals which improve memory.

Knowledge Gained from Research:

  • Researchers Robert Krikorian and team were aware of the fact that this fruit had the potential to boost memory in the aged people from earlier studies carried out on experimental animals.
  • However, human trials were not conducted yet. This study (dated January 20, 2010), is first of its kind, aimed at knowing the effect of this fruit on the memory of the humans.
  • In the experiment, the volunteers were above 70 years and had memory problems.
  • They were divided into two groups and one group was made to drink blueberry juice for two months every day.
  • The other group drank normal juice without the presence of blueberry fruit ingredient in it.
  • At the end of the study, it was found that the former group showed considerable improvement in memory and learning tests than the latter group.

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