Why Writing Diaries is Essential in Life

Writing diaries is a habit. When picked up early in age, it remains as a practice all our lives. For some, it remains as an addiction, while for others it can be a mere pleasure activity. This article tries to understand why we should learn writing diaries.

Writing Diaries is a Way of Expression: Time, tide and thought wait for no one. Once they strike our mind, we need to jot them down. Then, with the skill of writing diaries, we can express and elaborate the idea and can reach at a life altering conclusion sometimes. Such a chance to provide a form to a naked idea is provided by diaries alone.

Diaries Share Our Moments: Diaries can share both joyful as well as sorrow moments of our life. They are always neutral when grief strikes us. They never express or compel us with suggestions, opinions and orders. They simply focus our attention on the ruled lines of the book to write something.

In this way, we soon get control over our lost self and ponder seriously on the circumstances and take charge of the situation. Diaries provide us the platform to finalize our strategy in concrete writing. In joyful moments we seldom remember our friend, the diary. At the most, we scribble something as a formality, compelled by our habit of writing, in the diary and close it soon.

Diaries are Our Silent Admirers and Critics: In the journey of our life, the piled up copies of diaries from yesteryears, remain as the silent testimonies of our success and failure. We can revisit the memories of our lives, either by recalling those days over a cup of tea with our child hood friend, or in privacy, by turning the pages of the dust collected and neglected diaries, to be found in some remote corners of the attic. No relation can tolerate such harsh treatment and would cease to exist. But diaries were never meant to complain. The mere realization of such timeless loyalty should bring tears in our eyes.

And for more reasons beyond these, one must start writing diaries. It has been an essential quality in every intellectualai??i??s life from the past. This idea of self improvement should initially motivate us sufficiently, to embrace this very dear activity in life, for good.

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