Can Grapes Treat Blood Cancer

Cancer researchers all over the world are always on the look out for anti-cancer agents and therapies. They are interested in learning about age old traditional and obscure practices of the east too, in order to address the menace of cancer. One criterion is always followed by them. It helps in deciding the effectiveness of the therapy. The criterion is whether the therapy kills nearby healthy cells too in the process of killing the harmful cancerous cells.

Presently available cancer treatment techniques are Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy. Surgery is effective in the initial stages of the cancer. It can remove the lump of harmful cancer cells called tumor. This completely removes the chance of spreading of the cancer any further, technically called Metastasis. 90percent cancer deaths are caused by Metastasis. But detection of cancer in the initial stages is not easy. It is because the signs or symptoms remain latent at this stage.

Techniques like Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy use powerful chemical substances and energy waves to kill the tumors spread all over the body due to Metastasis. The chemicals and the energy waves do not always remain under human control and can target at times the nearby healthy cells too, being counterproductive at the end of the day against cancer.

As a result, researchers always appreciate cancer treatment techniques which may be mediocre in efficacy, but have zero harmful effect. American researchers have found out that grapes have the ability to kill cancer cells without posing a threat to the healthy cells. The researchers at the University of Kentucky found out that components present in grapes, caused death of 76 percent cancer cells within a period of 24 hours. These deaths were caused by a process called Apoptosis. It is the technical name given to committing of suicide by cells.

Researchers believe that the component Resveretrol, present in grapes kills the cancer cells. Moreover, the fruit is rich in another important component essential for our body called the antioxidants. Research done in the past with grape seeds has proved that this fruit can inhibit skin, breast, bowel, lung, stomach and prostate cancer types too.

However, the research study carried out at the University of Kentucky on experimental mice is first of its kind on blood cancer. Further research is required to establish the known facts on firm basis, before commencing human trials.

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