Ten Shades of Courage

People with self-knowledge, respect themselves and have honor. This sense of self-honor is their most precious possession. It provides them the much needed courage when circumstances compel them to compromise their most precious honor.

More often than not, there is only one perception which flashes in the mind when the word courage passes through it. It is the image of a hero holding a sword, riding on a horse and screaming all the way, thirsty for his enemyai??i??s blood. But there is more to this novel virtue than what meets the eye. It has shades probably. Are these the shades of courage?

  1. To realize courage, one needs it. For he has to leave his comfort zone and abandon his habitual pattern of thinking.
  2. To forgive and forget the people who influenced us negatively during our formative years, compelling us to forcefully unlearn many a things, needs courage.
  3. Being a disciple, belonging to a sect and challenging the authority of the master, choosing oneai??i??s own style of self-exploration based on intuition and conviction, calls for courage.
  4. Standing in front of an enemy, being outnumbered, with inevitable defeat in sight, and to think of the land, people and fellow comrade, is courage.
  5. When deep introspection reveals the vices within ourselves, to acknowledge them and persevere till we get rid of them against agony and frustration, is courage.
  6. Your area team leader and accept the responsibility of defeat on yourself. This step saves the interests of your team mates. To take such a decision against temptations and timidity needs courage.
  7. To stand up and fight for the weak and the downtrodden, knowing well that it can endanger the lives of the dear ones, needs courage.
  8. You are blessed with victory for quite some time and got used to the luxuries of being on top. Defeat strikes you all of a sudden. To embrace it with grace and accept the present role needs courage.
  9. To dream for a beautiful spouse but choose to hold the hand of a widow to show her the springs of life, is courage.
  10. You play a major role in the success of a cause and come to know that revealing your role will dampen the spirit. To voluntarily step aside, without claiming the much-deserved credit for otherai??i??s happiness, needs courage.

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