Top Ten Ways to Make Exercise More Beneficial.

Work outs are good. People are increasingly becoming health conscious. But exercise is a tiring process in itself. This article lists top ten ways to make exercise more beneficial.

Wearing the right outfit: Exercise generates quite an amount of body heat. It is important that this heat is not trapped inside the body. Clothes like cotton jersey and soy fabric are soft, absorb moisture and resist bacteria too.

Carrying a Water Bottle: Any exercise should be done in phases. Between these phases, the body should be allowed to rest. It should get its dose of oxygen. Carrying a bottle of water is all it takes to provide oxygen to the body.

Join Eco-friendly Gym: Green house gases is posing more threat to our planet now than ever before. It is time to bring in Green practices in our lives. Gyms which encourage restricted use of towels, use eco friendly lightning and keep the music systems and television set off when not in use, should be chosen.

Burning Calories Instead of Petrol: 30 minutes of moderate walking burns 200 calories. If the workplace is near your house, it is not advisable to use the car.

Eating the Right Stuff: Processed foods like candies, bars, gels and sugary energy drinks should not be taken during the workouts. Instead, eating dried fruits, nuts, yogurt, grapes, bananas granola is a better choice.

Try Salt Water Swimming: The body becomes drenched in sweat after the workout. Having bath is the next obvious step. Opting to swim in saline pools instead chlorine pools is a good idea. Eyes, skin, hair and the respiratory system will be benefited.

Use Renewable Yoga Mat: If you practice yoga, then replace PVC mats with jute ones. PVC mats are made up of harmful chemicals.

Exercise Can be Done at Home Too: If we intend to bring in physical activity into our lives, our home can be the best gym. Playing tag with children, mowing the lawn, exercising while watching favorite shows can become effective workouts at home.

For a Good Cause: Exercising to spread awareness in the local community should be encouraged more. It increases the motivation level and leaves us satisfied.

Indulge in Massage Often: Massage releases natural pain killers. It relaxes muscles and does wonders to the immune system. A good sleep drains out all the fatigue experienced after workouts.

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