Benefits of Being a Good Listener

People are busy, tense and complaining in today’s world. The causes are aplenty. So are the effects. The ill prepared and ignorant mind is bombarded with a plethora of information on growing health and life style issues. It only adds up to the already high anxiety levels. But there can be a drastic improvement in this sorry state by developing some simple virtues in our persona. One such change, is to be a good listener. Here are couple of benefits by cultivating this handy quality.

Become a Healer: People around us are insecure and insensitive. They are afraid of opening up for they may get hurt. One simple way to win their trust, is to be different from what is obvious today. Be quite and listen with patience to what they say. Initially the speaker will be in a hurry to complete the sentences. The pace will slow down gradually. Suddenly, there will be a realization that something different is going on. We are patient enough and the speaker is active all the while. As a mark of acknowledgement for this kind gesture, we are allowed to come closer personally. Sharing of feelings and fears commence and this makes us healers.

Become a Learner: When we are in front of wise men, it is important to remain quite. This does not ensure that we are listening to him par se. But genuinely listening to the words of learned men, make us immune from ignorance. The mind focuses on what is said and quickly interprets them. As a result, cobwebs in our mind are removed and our perceptions on subjects change.

Become a Communicator: When we listen, we compel our opponent to be moral and provide us our chance to speak too. Having listened to our opponent’s views with concentration, we put across what we want to say with clarity and firmness. The mind is allowed to remain single minded. First it listens and collects facts. Then it allows us to speak, putting facts in proper order. This makes us adept in conveying our views and be a good communicator.

Become a Motivator: The growing image of a healer, listener and communicator puts us in the class of the intellectuals. People start looking up to us and we start putting efforts consciously to live up to the expectations. In this way, we turn exemplary and motivate many to be listeners and stop being dogmatic, intolerant and harsh with people.

Respect from others for being empathetic listeners develops social consciousness within us. It keeps us physically, mentally and spiritually active. The world was never so short of people good in listening as it is presently. This simple virtue is close to therapy in today’s mad bad world.

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