Top Ten Ways to Get Good Sleep At Night

Lack of sleep or Insomnia as it is technically called, is a major symptom of many prevalent diseases. It is associated with the wide spread physical disorders like diabetes and mental disorder like depression in the United States. Six to eight hours of sleep is essential for healthy existence. When we sleep, the body carries out the most important process of cell and tissue repairs. By sleeping less, we do not provide this opportunity to the body. Here are some of the possible reasons which can either motivate us or compel us to sleep well or adequately at least.

1. Suffering: It is becoming increasing common to find people who suffer from ailments related to Insomnia. Observing them suffer, especially if they are our dear ones, can move strongly.

2.Stress and Fear Management: In today’s competitive and hectic world, people are insensitive externally and insecure internally. Factors like stress and fear constantly plague our mind and body. Following positive attitude helps in managing these factors well throughout the day. This ensures good sleep at night.

3.Personal and Social Relationships: The corporate sector has erratic work schedules as its norm. The professionals as a result do not get quality time to spend with their family members. Leave alone spending time with relatives and friends. It not only takes its tole on the relationships equation, but also generates resentments and frustrations. Research in the field of Social psychology proves such claims.

4.Awareness Development: We take many of the risk factors associated with Insomnia lightly. It is partly because of our ignorance about the severity of these risk factors. Developing awareness about them can change our casual perception on sleep.

5.Spirituality: Inclination towards spirituality has become essential in today’s world. Spirituality teaches us to forgive and forget. It helps us in not bottling up the hostile emotions within ourselves. We do not get sleep at night because of the negative thoughts generated by these emotions, primarily.

6.Going Early to Bed: Making it a habit simply solves most of the problem. However, one needs strong resolve and patience initially to make it a habit.

7.Switching Off the Lights: We get sleep when a hormone called Melatonin is released in the brain. Hormones are naturally present chemicals in the body. They help various organs of the body to function properly. These hormones are released by the brain when it detects darkness around us.

8.Food: Nuts like cashews and almonds, wheat and oat bran, spinach and black beans and artichokes are high in magnesium. They reduce stress and fear bringing sleep. If we eat potatoes, crackers, white bread, brown rice, pretzels and dates within five hours before going to bed, we can get good sleep. Other Insomnia treating food items are bell peppers, bananas, tuna, chicken and halibut.

9.Exercise: Replace popping sleep pills with regular exercise. It is the natural cure for Insomnia. Regular exercise in the morning and a brisk walk after dinner before going to bed are sufficient to get good sleep at night.

10.Regular Health Check-ups: Positive results of improvement and good health confirmed by the diagnosis of the doctor, boosts our confidence. It increases conviction on health regime taken up by us. We follow it more religiously ensuring proper sleep to our body.

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  1. i will try these methods out. I am insomnia patient for the last 2 years.

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