How Cancer Becomes Incurable

Cancer is a dreadful disease. It is caused when malignant cells originate in our body and start destroying the healthy cells in our body. The origin of these cells is not known. In the initial stages, the destruction is localized around an organ. A lump of affected cancer cells is formed quickly and it is called the tumour. If this disease is diagnosed by chance at this stage, then the tumour can be removed by surgery, and cancer can be cured. The signs of the disease often remain latent at this stage, not allowing its easy detection.

In the next stage, the cancer cells try to bind together and move to remote corners of the body. This spreads the disease to the entire body. This process is technically called Metastasis. 90 percent of cancer deaths are caused because of Metastasis. Signs of the disease become apparent. The body’s natural protection system called the immune system, initially does try to curb the disease and not allow it to extend to the stage of Metastasis. Scientists at the University of Liverpool learnt and explained now this process of resistance takes place in the body in January 2007.

The body initially tries to engulf the tumour within a protective shield. This protective shield is made up of naturally found chemical substance called the MUC1 protein. Once this shield is formed, the MUC1 protein tries to destroy the cancer cells inside the shield. In this way, the malignant cancer cells are not allowed to mix with the blood and initiate Metastasis process.

According to researcher Dr.Lu-Gang Yu, another protein called galectin-3 attacks MUC1 protein and penetrates its protective shield. This causes the engulfed cancer cells to get exposed again. They come out of the protective shield and the galectin-3 protein helps the cancer cells in binding with the blood vessels in the body. In this way, they stick to the blood stream and become mobile. This spreads the cancer cells to the whole body. The researchers prior to this study only knew that the levels of galectin-3 protein is high in the blood of cancer patients. Now they have an explanation of why this is so.

By this stage, the disease can only be treated and turns incurable. Unfortunately it means that the inevitable death can be delayed at the best by the treatment methods. The treatment methods are costly, dangerous, partially effective and come with unavoidable side effects.

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  1. it is a terrible disease. thank you for writing such informative article.

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