Watching Television for Prolonged Hours Can be Fatal for the Health

According to a research study carried in Australia and published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, watching television can increase the chances of early death from heart ailments. American watch television for eight hours on an average. Sedentary life style is prevalent in the country. Other independent risk factors like obesity, smoking, diabetes only make the situation worse. Awareness about research findings like these are helpful in preventing the threats posed by unhealthy lifestyle habits.

The research study involved studying the life style habits of 8,800 Australian adults. Important findings of the study were:

  • There is 11 percent rise in the risk factors which can cause death from all causes.
  • There is 9 percent increase of risks which can cause cancer related death.
  • There is 18 percent rise in the risk factors which can cause death from heart diseases.
  • These findings are true for people who spent at least one hour before the television everyday.
  • In people who watched for more than four hours, the risk of dying from all causes was found to be 46 percent.
  • In these people, the risk of death from heart diseases is found to be 80 percent.
  • Factors like smoking, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, unhealthy food habits, excessive waist circumference, and lack of regular exercises were included in these statistics.

According to researcher Dr. David Dunstan, Professor and Head of the Physical Activity Laboratory, the Division of Metabolism and Obesity, the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Victoria, Australia, though the study was done with respect to television watching, the study suggests that any activity which involves sitting at a place for prolonged period of time is unhealthy for the human body.

Our body is meant for moving a lot than be seated at one place. But the present day technological advances have removed any of such requirement from our life. We only need to change the seats. At our workplace, we are seated on our chair mostly. Then we shift to our car’s seat and return home only to be seated again back on the sofa. One need not be obese to suffer from the unhealthy influence this habit has on our body. Even perfectly healthy people also put on weights as blood sugar and fats do not get utilized and get a chance to pile up within our system.

Doctors advise that apart from religiously following a fitness regime, we should not sit at one place. Moving around and often is requirement for a healthy body now.

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  1. my wife sits before the tv for so long…. i watch it for 2-3 hrs after returning from work… we should cut down the time we spent watching tv.

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