Magnetic Therapy for Pain

Magnetic therapy remained an alternative or complimentary therapeutic system for over 2000 years. Methods such as cardioversion, electro-convulsive therapy and analgesia are popularly practised in mainline medicine. Magnetic disks and bandages used in sports and veterinary medicine resemble ancient magnetic rings. Two principle types of magnetic therapy include static and pulsating magnetic therapy.

Low strength static magnetic devices are used to provide pain relief. These are also used for reducing swelling, induction of more restful sleep, stress relief and for anti-infective properties. However, the speculated mechanism of “static magnetic field affects blood circulation” is open to criticism.

According to authentic scientific studies, pulsating magnetic therapy is quite useful in reducing osteoarthritis joint pain, chronic pelvic pain, chronic neck pain, myofascial pain and for treating urinary incontinence in females.

Another most advanced treatment includes magnetic fluid hyperthermic (MFH) or nano cancer therapy.

Most recent scientific studies provide evidence for increased amounts of chemicals such as endogenous beta-endorphin, substance P, and 5-HT due to the application of pulsating magnetic field.


The following precautions must be followed before undergoing magnetic therapy for pain:

  • Must be avoided if your body contains implanted medical devices such as pacemaker, defibrillator, insulin pump or liver infusion pump.
  • It is observed that in some patients magnets may lead to symptoms such as dizziness, nausea and may delay the wound healing process. Some times it may even lead to bleeding.
  • It is best avoided in patients suffering from myasthenia gravis or bleeding disorders and in women during pregnancy.

One Final Advice

Magnetic therapy shall not be used indiscriminately without proper medical supervision.It is just a substitute therapy which needs to be administered along with other standard therapies. Take the advice of your doctor or therapist before using it.

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