Green Tea Can Prevent Lung Cancer Deaths Caused By Smoking

90 percent of lung cancer deaths among men and approximately 80 percent of lung cancer deaths among women is attributed to smoking. It is the leading cause of cancer death among both men and women in this country. Recently a dangerous nexus between a prevalent habit like smoking and declared national epidemics like obesity and diabetes was reported by researchers. It hints towards a rise in the ever increasing health complication that can be associated with smoking.

There are potentially very less good news reported to Smokers from researchers on health. Mostly the reports released by them on smoking either intimidate the smokers or make them insensitive further to the harmful effects of smoking. But latest research done (dated January 2010) on this field in Taiwan, reports that drinking a cup of green tea everyday can change the devastated state of lung from smoking towards betterment.

“Lung cancer is the leading cause of all cancer deaths in Taiwan. Tea, particularly green tea, has received a great deal of attention because tea polyphenols are strong antioxidants, and tea preparations have shown inhibitory activity against tumorigenesis.”

I-Hsin Lin, M.S., Chung Shan Medical University in Taiwan.

Knowledge Gained from the Research Study:

  • The study involved 170 lung cancer patients and 340 healthy non smokers as participants.
  • The researchers asked questions to the participants based on their living conditions, smoking habits, the amount of green tea they drink, their diet involving fruits and vegetables, cooking practices and presence of lung cancer in the family.
  • Based on the response provided for these questions, the researchers learnt that non consumption of even a single cup of green tea increases the risk of getting lung cancer by 5.16 times irrespective of the fact whether one is a smoker or a non smoker.
  • For smokers who do not consume even a cup of green tea everyday, the risk increases by 12.71 times.
  • These statistics are made in comparison to healthy and regular green tea drinkers.
  • The research study also collected information about the genes of the participants as part of their study.
  • They wanted to know whether the benefits of green tea on the lungs of smoker are related to their genes or not.
  • At the end it was revealed that smokers with a specific types of genes were less likely to reap the benefits from Green tea consumption.
  • This research study is one of its kinds, establishing the relation between benefits of green tea in lung cancer and the genes of smokers.

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  1. Green tea indeed is beneficial for more than one reasons. I drink green tea often.

  2. the antioxidants in green tea really helps prevent cancer and some other forms of tumors…;

  3. green tea also have lots of anti-oxidants that support cardiovascular health:”:

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