Time for Parents to be Proactive About Their Child’s Health Has Arrived

There are 73.9 million children in the United States. There comprise 24.3 percent of the total population of this country. Nearly 90 percent of the children, belonging to the age group of 0-17 years, are covered by health insurance. Doctors examining these children rely heavily on the latest research findings in the field of child health. But according to a recently published paper in the British Medical Journal, most of the research reports on child health, can lead to either useless or harmful treatments of children in North America. This article tries to get further insight on this topic.

Knowledge Gained from the Research:

  • The study was conducted at the Alberta Research Centre for Health Evidence, in the University of Alberta.
  • It involved experts from the World Health Organization and the US Food and Drug Administration too.
  • Researchers studied 163 clinical trials on children all across the North America.
  • They used new equipments to understand the extant to which the benefits of the treatment techniques are blown beyond proportion.
  • The study found that 96 percent of the clinical trials have high risks of biased opinion about the treatment methods.
  • For the parents, it means there children are getting either useless or harmful treatment in the name of health care.

Some of the factors responsible for such dismal state of affairs in child care research are:

  • Non availability of reliable data leading to speculations.
  • Sponsors of the research study influencing inappropriately by compelling to end the research in haste.
  • Selective reporting resulting in lack of order and clarity in the research findings.

However, the findings of the research study has lead to some initiations for change. The research team is using the results of their study to compile new international guidelines on improving child research.

The parents should observe discretion while choosing the sources of health care of their children. They can believe the words of their trusted home physician or can be proactive too. Government health websites provide accurate, reliable and unbiased information on health of all age groups. Referring to these web sites often, develops a sense of awareness among the parents about general health and well being, in a short duration of time.

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