What is Takes to be An Introvert

Introverts are people who prefer to be left alone. They enjoy being in their own world of personal thoughts and activities. They speak less and prefer to let their work speak foe them. They avoid being in the presence of people. Yet, they are not necessarily shy by nature. These people love to be in a state of control mostly and do not welcome change easily. They feel deep and though they express less there is intensity in their expressions.

Intellectuals like great scientists, philosophers, writers, poets and composers are introvert people. The work done by these people require extreme degree of concentration,discipline and originality. Introverts cherish to live up to these standards mentally. They take up tasks which challenge their mental might and prowess of their character.

The preference of solitude and an attitude of reticence make these people misunderstood by their contemporaries mostly. In most of the cases, introverts deem it to be below their dignity to provide an explanation. They allow few people in their inner world. The choice of such people is based on the extent to which mutual company is enjoyed either by conversation or during work. Emphasis is laid on ensuring that there is growth in knowledge or in personality under the influence of the friendship. It is because introverts hate to waste time unproductively in paltry issues of life.

Art or Science are the favourite academic fields for introverts. These two disciplines are their intellectual sports. They possess enough depth and provide ample opportunities for contemplation to these individuals. It is probably for this reason that for most of the introverts their academics is their passion. They pursue careers related to their educational background and leave their mark professionally over the years.

Relationships are either nothing or all for the introverts. For writers, poets and composers, their relationships are the sources of excellence in their job. They draw inspiration and choose subjects of their work on daily basis by keenly observing and strongly reacting the events and happenings in their surroundings and personal life.

Certain fine qualities of life like courage, conviction and sacrifice are natural stimulants for introverts. There is a sense of ease and a sublime sense of satisfaction to be in one’s own skin when introverts display these elite human traits. Now is it an exaggeration if we say, it is definitely more than what meets the eyes, in case of the introverts ?

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  1. I partly agree with your opinion and do not agree with the last sentence especially.

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