Mangoes Can Treat Breast and Colon Cancer According to Research Studies

Colon cancer is the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women in the United States. Breast cancer ranks second in killing the women of this country from cancer related deaths. It is hard to expect that a sweet fruit like Mango can treat these dreadful forms of cancer. But latest research done in this field (dated January 2010) reports that, Mango has the potential to stop the growth of Cancer cells. This article chronicles in brief about the insights gained from the research study.

The perception about any cancer treating fruit or vegetable is that it should be rich in a chemical substance called antioxidant. But mango is no where close to fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants. But still the effectiveness of this fruit in treating cancer was tested. When the extracts of this fruit were tried against the cancer cells of colon, breast, prostate, lung and leukemia, it was found that they were effective mostly against colon and breast cancer. The study was carried out by Dr. Susanne Talcott along with her husband. There research was supported by the The National Mango Board.

Knowledge Gained from Research:

  • It was learnt from the research that mango fruit contains chemicals like Polyphenols and Gallotannins.
  • Cancer cells from the colon and breasts were most sensitive to Polyphenols Gallotannins.
  • They underwent a scheduled kind of death, technically called Apotosis.
  • Normal healthy cells of colon and breast remained unaffected by these chemicals.
  • The impact of these chemicals on other cancer types like lung, blood and prostate cancer was little.
  • Chemicals in mango do not affect the normal process of cell division too.
  • They also prevent the damage of cells which exist on the verge of mutated.

The researchers are now planning to extended the findings in their laboratory to small human trials. People suffering from serious swellings in their intestines are normally at a higher risk getting colon cancer. The initial trials of treating this form of cancer using mango extracts will be carried on them. If the results prove to be positive, a large scale clinical trial can be initiated in a phase wise manner.

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  3. egbe said on June 3, 2011

    since 2010 till now has mango fruit used on any breast and colon on a patient that has it? reply if yes

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