Swedish Scientists Have Discovered New Cancer Treatment Technique

Cancer is caused by intrusion of harmful cells in our body. They very soon get adapted to the new environment and multiply quickly. Then they start affecting the healthy cells in a particular region of our body. This is the initial stage. If cancer is detected at this moment, it can be completely cured. But the cancer cells during the initial stages remain latent and the signs of the destruction caused by them remain latent too.

In the next stage, the cancer cells start migrating to remote corners of the body through the blood stream. They form chunks of malignant cells called tumours and start spreading the disease to these new unaffected regions too. This process is called Metastasis technically. By this time, the signs of the cancer become apparent. On diagnosis, it can utmost be treated but cannot be cured.

An important aspect of cancer cells journey from the initial stages to metastasis is the mechanism of their survival all along. Cancer cells themselves need oxygen and nutrients for their survival and multiplicity. They destroy healthy cells in our body and use up the oxygen and nutrients present in them. When cancer cells build supply channels like blood vessels for the supply of oxygen and nutrients, the process is technically called Anglogenesis.

There are several cancer treatment medicines which try to inhibit the Anglogenesis process and stop cancer growth. But most of these medicines are only partially effective in their job. Latest research (dated January 2010) done in this field in Sweden reports of success in stopping the growth of cancer tumor. The research study was carried out on experimental mice and studies on the application of the technique on humans has just commenced in the United States. Important insights of this research study are:

  • Cancer cells contain components called receptors which help the cells in communicating with each other.
  • When the cancer cells receptors in mice called the ALK1 were blocked, the researchers found that Anglogenesis process was stopped.
  • The receptors ALK1 are responsible for generating, sending and receiving of the communication signals.
  • The receptors are provided nourishment by naturally present chemical substances called proteins in the body.
  • The researchers believe that these proteins also stimulate the process of Anglogenesis.
  • The receptors ALK1 were blocked by a chemical substance called RAP-041 injected in to the mice.
  • Human equivalent of this chemical ACE-041 along with the already available Anglogenesis medicine can now treat cancer effectively, according to the researchers.

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