Virgo Male Personality

Virgo is the earth sign of the zodiac. A typical Virgo man is known to be a dedicated, organized and focused person. He is physically sensual, witty and charming. A very emotionally warm person by nature filled with sympathy for others is what a typical Virgo male is.

  • He is a very practical and unsentimental person.
  • He is naturally a work lover.
  • He is totally devoted in serving people who are less fortunate than himself.
  • He is a very attentive person. He notices and remembers every detail.
  • The best trait in a Virgo male is that he is a very responsible person. He takes responsibilities very seriously.

Virgo and Work

  • A typical Virgo male when at work acts best in a supporting role.
  • He is a meticulous and self-disciplined person.
  • Very helpful to others.
  • Enjoys complicated and routine work.
  • He expects honesty in everything.
  • He generally prefers a work place that is not noisy and has the latest equipments.

Virgo and friends

Virgo men prefer friends who are intelligent and have a broad range of interests. They are extremely loyal, kind, considerate and helpful people. Their negative trait is that they can never admit they are wrong.

Virgo and love

When a Virgo male falls in love, he is totally devoted towards the relationship. He expects the same from his partner too.He will never jump into a relationship,instead wait for years for the right person. He can go to any extent to avoid a break up.

Virgo and Health

generally Virgos are healthy but if they are worried or sad about something, they are susceptible to hypochondria. They are quite prone to appendicitis, diarrhea, malnutrition, indigestion, hernia etc.
When he is down with some illness, he needs to be pampered while being encouraged to recover.

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