Can Music Heal Our Ailments – Music Therapy

Music is enjoyed by one and all. It exists in various forms and for few people it is just a matter of perception as music is all around for these individuals. Its positive influence on the listener is beyond doubt. It is probably for this very reason that music has been considered as a healing technique to treat ailments from olden times. The technique was well established in the east.

It reached west only during the World war two. The soldiers recovering from their battle wounds were made to listen to music to come out of physical and emotional trauma. Today the treatment technique has acquired more of a professional outlook with research studies conducted to delve deep in to the topic known formally as the Music therapy. It is also offered as degree programs to pursue in American Universities.

What is Music Therapy:

  • The treatment technique involves developing of interpersonal relationship between the suffer and the healer using music.
  • All the facets in the life of the sufferer like physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic and spiritual aspects are addressed by the healer to improve the health.
  • The therapeutic effects of the treatment is applicable on people of ages and claims to treat range of ailments like mental disorder, physical disabilities, sensory disabilities, problems in growth, process of ageing, personal relationships, communication disorders and alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Conditions like low learning abilities, low self esteem, excessive stress and other health related issues can also be treated by music therapy.

How Music Therapy Works:

The Hormone Serotonin: Listening to favourite music increases the production of the hormone Serotonin. Hormones are naturally found chemical substances which help the organs in our body to carry out their normal functions. The hormone Serotonin is present in the brain up to 20 percent. It takes care of functions like:

  • The regulation of mood
  • Food habit
  • Sleep
  • Muscle contraction
  • Learning and
  • Memory

Disturbances in any of these factors serve as the cause of a wide range of mental disorders. Increased production of this hormone by listening to music brings down the risk of these issues related to the mind.

Controlled Breathing: According to the ancient alternative medicinal practice of Yoga, treatment of ailments lies in controlling our breathe by concentration and setting a rhythm in them by practice. Music has the ability to subconsciously bring down the process of breathing under control. In such a state of poise, the heart beat rate achieves normalcy sending signs of relaxation all over the body. This is how music therapy claims to address physical health problems like blood pressure and heart diseases.

Music Therapy and Research:

  • Music is responded by both the halves of our brain and is found to develop language and speech functions.
  • It enhances self esteem, makes us more social and improves interpersonal relationships.
  • Children and Adults with Autism were found to respond positively to Music therapy too.

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  1. i listen to music daily. It always has theraupetic influence on me.

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