Dependent Personality Disorder

Dependant Personality Disorder is a condition marked by a feeling of fear and nervousness. It is also known as anxious personality disorder. This disorder usually occurs in the early to middle adulthood and equally affects both males and females. The patient feels the need to be taken care of and depend up on others excessively. They find it hard making simple everyday decisions and are easily influenced by others.

Causes of this disorder:

The exact cause of Dependent Personality Disorder is not yet known. This disorder can be related to temperamental factors which are inborn. Researchers also say that this disorder can be caused due to rejections, parental criticism, social criticism etc. At times overprotective parenting style can also lead to DPD.

Symptoms of Dependent personality disorder:

A person affected with this disease, can never trust his own abilities. Here are a few symptoms commonly seen in a patient affected with this disorder.

  • The individual finds it difficult to meet ordinary demands of life.
  • He usually avoids being alone.
  • Due to lack of self confidence, he avoids initiating things or taking up projects.
  • He also finds it hard expressing disagreement with others, with the fear of losing support or approval.

Complications of DPD

Individuals with this disorder are subjected to a high risk of alcohol or drug abuse, depression, emotional, physical or sexual abuse. The individual gets restless and becomes anxious during decision making.

Treatment of DPD

The only treatment for DPD is Psychotherapy. It is a type of counseling given to the person in order to help him become a little active and independent. Short term therapies is more preferred over long term therapies. This is because long term therapies makes the patient Dependant on the therapist.
Medications only helps, DPD patients suffering from anxiety and depression.

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