Aries Male Personality

A typical Aries man is known to be a very Friendly, honest and a daring person. He loves to take up challenges. His life is an open book. He believes in the best for others.

  • He is an extremely energetic person
  • He can go to any extent for his loved ones
  • The best quality in him is his nature to help others achieve their dreams.
  • One negative trait in him is his bossy nature. He must be the boss where ever he goes.

Aries and Work

An Aries male is very loyal at work and has a very strong will power. He likes taking initiative at work and is highly creative. He has a very strong determination and believe that he can make the future a success.

Aries and friends

Aries prefers a friend who consider him as his best friend. As a friend, Aries are very hospitable and warm people. They can get jealous of other peoples achievements and abilities. This is one main reason why Aries friendships often don’t last long.

Aries and love

Aries men have little difficulty in attracting the attention of women. Aries when in love, are extremely romantic and places the woman on a pedestal. They expect to loved singularly. One negative trait in them is their possessive nature.

Aries and health

Aries men are very healthy and can fight any illness that comes their way. The major sickness to which Aries are very prone to are: fevers, headaches, migraines, epilepsy, neuralgia. They are also prone to accidents.

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