Learn about Cholesterol to Stay Away from Heart Ailments

According to an estimation, an American loses his life for every 34 seconds because of a heart ailment. One of the key factors for all heart diseases is called the Cholesterol. It is present in the pathways through which blood reaches the organ heart, to be pumped back to various corners of the body. When Cholesterol levels rise, risks of getting heart diseases also increase. Awareness about it can keep us forewarned. This article tries to serve this purpose and gains further insight on this topic.

Why Awareness About Cholesterol has become Important in Recent Times:

  • Obesity along with Type 2 Diabetes were declared a national epidemics last year by the United States government. Obese people are prone to heart ailments more than any other group because of high cholesterol levels in their blood.
  • In Type 2 diabetes patient’s case, the fight to reduce high levels of Cholesterol is a complicated and an uphill task because of the nature of Diabetes disorder.
  • Hectic life style, with untimely intake of food (junk foods especially), sedentary life style with lack of exercise and stress are the norms of the day of a common man. These are some of the direct and indirect factors which increase cholesterol levels in the blood.

Basics of to Remember about the Cholesterol:

  • This substance is made up of three components basically. They are LDL cholesterol (informally called the bad cholesterol), HDL cholesterol (informally called the good cholesterol) and the triglyceride.
  • LDL cholesterol is considered bad because excess presence of this component narrows the pathways which carry oxygen rich blood to and from the heart to various parts of the body.
  • HDL cholesterol is considered good because it widens the pathways and facilitate easy passage of blood. It also removes the bad cholesterol from the pathways of the heart and send them back to the organ liver from where there come.
  • The role of Triglycerides in causing heart ailments are not yet clearly understood. However, studies done on this component shows that high levels of Triglycerides make the patient prone to obesity and diabetes.

What is Hypercholesterolemia: When the levels of LDL and Triglycerides are high and HDL is low, the condition is medically called Hypercholesterolemia. Some of the factors which can cause or make this condition severe are:

  • Poor diet
  • Heredity
  • Obesity
  • Age
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Lack of exercise
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney failures
  • Low thyroid condition
  • Taking drugs like Steroids and Progesterone

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