Good News for Severe Depression Patients – Treatment is Possible

Depression is a prevalent mental disorder all over the world. Its cause is not known and cure is not available yet. When this mental disorder exists for years, it is called Severe depression. Patients suffering from this problem are left isolated by their ordeal and lead a painful life. But things are going to change soon. Psychiatrists in Heidelberg, Germany have accidentally discovered a technique which can completely address the issue of Severe depression. This article chronicles in brief the about the treatment procedure and tries to to gain further insight on this topic.

Knowledge Gained from the Treatment:

  • Neurosurgeons in Germany treated a 64 years old women suffering from severe depression for past 46 years.
  • The treatment was based on the prior knowledge of the neurosurgeons about a region called the Habenula, and its active role in depression, proved by scientific studies.
  • It involved reducing the influence of this region of the brain of the patient by applying small bursts of electrical energy.
  • For this, the surgeons used sophisticated surgical devices and placed two terminals in the brain of the patient with precision.
  • These terminals served as the source to induce the electrical energy in to the target region of the Habenula.
  • They were connected with wires to a device which continuously generated these short bursts of electrical energy.
  • The wires were placed under the skin and the device was placed near the chest of the patient by an operation.

It is interesting to know that the neurosurgeons themselves learnt about effectiveness of the device accidentally. The patient met with a bicycle accident which required a surgery and placing of a similar device as part of it. When the neurosurgeons switched off the former device, the patient complained of depression symptoms returning back. After the surgery when the brain device was switched off, no symptoms of depression were observed in the patient.

Significance of the Treatment: Drugs and other treatment procedures for treatment of depression are partially effective and come with harmful side effects and pain. In severe depression cases, hope is lost by the sufferer and the healer too. Thanks to the perseverance of researchers in this field, their is a ray of hope for depression patients of getting treated and enjoy normal life again. Researchers are focusing on confirming the effectiveness of their treatment procedure by applying it on several other severe depression patients. The region Habenula, according to the neurosurgeons, should be the most studied region here after to treat depression.

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  1. is this treatment relly effective. is it painful ? Thank you.

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