Probiotics – The Friends Within Our Body

The general perception about bacteria and viruses is that they are sources of ailments in human body. But there are some useful micro organisms (tiny living organisms) too. We all are aware of how yoghurt in produced in our kitchens by leaving a milk product open in space. Off late, scientists are trying to find out whether these useful living organisms have the potential to treat human ailments instead or not. Such treatment techniques and studies are classified under Complementary and Alternative medicinal practices by the medical world. This article tries to gain further insight on this topic.

What are Probiotics: The word is a Greek one and literally means: For life,(Pro-for and bio-life). There are several attempts made to define this word. The most accepted one however is: According to the the World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Probiotics are “live micro organisms, which, when entered in adequate amounts, provide a health benefit on the body.”

Health Benefits of Probiotics: The medical world is still trying to understand how these living organisms are useful to the human body in treatment of diseases. Research studies are going on in the field of what is called the Probiotic therapies. Knowledge gained on this topic is mostly based on observation and on carrying out experiments in laboratory. Some of the known benefits are:

Colon Cancer Prevention: Little data is available on the effectiveness of Probiotics in fighting Colon cancer humans. It is believed that these organisms can at the most reduce the effect of a chemical substance Beta-glucoronidase in the digestive system. This chemical substance produces and promotes the growth of harmful cancer cells.

Lowering of Cholesterol: There are two types of cholesterols. They are informally called the good and the bad cholesterols. Together the form the essential parameter , Cholesterol in our body. It determines risks of heart diseases. Probiotics are found in some of the studies in animals to reduce the bad cholesterol levels.

Lowering Blood Pressure: Research studies carried on small scales have reported that Probiotics have useful chemical substances called Peptides which can reduce blood pressure to moderate levels.

Strengthening the Immune system: Probiotics are found by research studies to kill pathogens (harmful bacteria and disease causing germs) naturally. In this way, they aid and strengthen the protection system of the body called Immune system.

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