Research Reports that Hormones Can Heal Wounds Naturally

Latest research study (dated January 2010), reports that naturally present chemical substances in men’s body called hormones can heal wounds naturally. Scientists earlier were aware of the fact that the response of medicines in healing of wounds was different for men and women. This observation made them believe that hormones which determined our sex did have a role to play in healing of wounds. The findings of researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center now confirm these hypothesis. This article chronicles in brief about the insights gained by research on this topic.

Basics to Appreciate the Research: Human body is made up of cells. They are the building blocks of our body. Cells are assisted in their primary functions by naturally existing chemical substances in our body called the hormones. Cells contain chemical components called receptors either inside or on the surface of them. These receptors are chemical molecules. When hormones and receptors molecules come closer, they get attached. As a result, appropriate signals are produced in the body which initiate different processes in our body.

Knowledge Gained from Research:

  • The researchers observed these findings to take in experimental male rats.
  • A hormone called testosterone plays an important role in carrying out major functions in a man’s body.
  • When the receptor associated with this hormone was blocked, it was found that the body initiated a natural process of healing of wounds.
  • When these receptors were allowed to get united with the hormones, the process of healing got delayed too.
  • Though researchers are very excited with this new finding, they are emphasizing on carrying out further research on this area.
  • Technique which can make this idea operational on patients suffering with wounds is to be invented yet.

Significance of these Findings: The biggest beneficiaries from this finding will be the old people and Diabetes patients. It is because the natural protection system in our body called the Immune system becomes weak with age. In diabetic people, this system malfunctions for some unknown reasons yet. Moreover, high blood sugar level and infections complement each other. Any infection or wound in a diabetic patient’s body increases blood sugar level and increased blood sugar level in turn delay the healing of wounds in the body.

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