How Precious Stones Treat Human Ailments – Astrotherapy

The Eastern world relayed on its spiritual wisdom for ages to treat and cure several ailments. The techniques used by the eastern medical practitioners are now becoming obscure. But researchers off late are now focusing their attention on searching and understanding these age old medicinal practices.

They use the term Complimentary or Alternative medicinal techniques for the bunch of these less known medicinal practices. One such treatment technique from the land of India is Astrotherapy. This article chronicles in brief, and tries to gain further insight on this topic.

What is Astrotherapy: It is based on ancient knowledge of the Indians in Astrology. The medical practitioners of this therapy believe that valuable stones and metal found in Earth can cure human ailments. They prescribe different stones to patients suffering from different ailments based on their Sun signs and Moon signs.

Healing Advanced Diseases through Astrotherapy: It is interesting to know that this therapy claims to heal advanced human ailments too. List of some of the stones and ailments they can heal are as follows:

  • Red coral stone embedded in silver ring can treat Arthritis.
  • Emerald and Yellow Sapphire embedded in gold and a Moon stone placed in a silver ring can treat Asthma.
  • Breast Cancer and Lung Cancer can be treated by wearing Red coral in copper ring, Emerald stone in gold ring and a Blue Sapphire embedded in a ring made of a mixture of five different metals.
  • Blood Cancer can be treated by wearing Red coral stone embedded on a copper ring, Yellow Sapphire stone and cat-eye stone in gold rings.
  • Wearing copper ring with Red coral and gold ring with Yellow Sapphire can treat Bronchitis too.

How Astrotherapy Cures/Treats Human Ailments: Astrology believes that celestial bodies influence each and every aspect of our life right from the moment we are born on this planet. Ailments in the human body are closely associated with the heavenly bodies above us. The position of the celestial bodies at the moment of our birth is important information in the diagnosis and treatment of our ailment.

According to this therapy of gem stones, heavenly bodies influence the organs of our body through their magnetic vibrations. Based on the positioning of these bodies, an organ is influenced to varying degrees. This causes us prone a particular disease. Treating the ailment is by setting the magnetic vibrations reaching an organ back to normalcy. This is done by stones and metals found in earth.

For instance, Moon is considered in Indian Astrology to be associated with our feelings. When well positioned at the time of our birth, this heavenly body can keep us happy and cheerful always. But when it is ill positioned, a person can be prone to mental illness like depression.

This therapy based on astrology prescribes wearing Moonstone embedded in a silver metal ring to treat depression. This ring should be worn next to the skin of the ring finger in the right hand by the patient.

These precious stones are the mediums which catch the magnetic vibrations released by the celestial bodies in space. These vibrations then reach the intended organ in the body. The patient wears rings in his fingers, prepared with metals and stones, prescribed by the practitioners, embedded on them. The practitioners also specify the finger in which the ring is to be worn for the effectiveness of technique.

Conclusion: A couple of concepts in life are beyond explanations. Love and faith are such concepts. Those who love and care for their loved ones, would always be upfront in trying out novel treatment options with a positive frame of mind.

For those who have faith in astrology, gemstones are as effective as modern medicines. These people have one message for the rests – “Try it … to believe it…

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