Sagittarius male personality

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and is mainly concerned with idealism, religion, philosophy, pleasure, romance, honesty, justice etc.

  • They are open and frank
  • Very optimistic
  • Filled with Enthusiasm
  • happy go lucky nature
  • He tends to deny sadness
  • A very impatient person
  • He has a strong sense of confidence
  • Likes to learn, study and is a very creative person

Sagittarius At Work
A Sagittarius male is very versatile at work, loves challenges, is tired only when bored, likes only straight forward people. His work place should be open airy and decorated creatively.

Sagittarius and friends
A Sagittarius generally prefers a friend who is open minded, adventurous and trustworthy. They are very friendly people and tend to makes friend who are up to their personal level. The negative trait in a Sagittarius male is that he can never keep secrets.

Sagittarius and love
For a Sagittarius man, love is an adventure. He is very honest in love and is happy when loved. He will never utter the three magical words ai???I LOVE YOU: if he doesn’t mean. He expects to be secured all the time. He loves freedom and independence. He would prefer to stay away from jealous women or who are a little too over possessive.

Sagittarius and Health
They are usually healthy and active. They are mostly prone to hip and thigh injury and usually compliance of feeling feverish. Their positive attitude keeps them going even when seriously ill and helps them recover soon.

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  1. I am a Sagittarius male and this article matches to me about 90%.

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