How Drinking Water is Beneficial in Treating Diabetes and Depression

Depression and Type two diabetes are two of the major health problems in the United States. Either of them are not diseases. Depression is a mental disorder and diabetes is a physical disorder. The medical world is trying to find the cause of these disorders and cure them completely. As of now, doctors know only to treat these disorders.

Popping powerful chemical pills and making painful life style changes are ways to treat them. People close to depression and diabetes patients are always in search of new harmless, reliable and effective treatments. This article tries to enhance the awareness of these people. It chronicles in brief the role and benefits of drinking water (reverse osmosis water) in treating these disorders.

Role of water in Depression and Diabetes:

  • It is known to all that 70 percent of our body is made up of water.
  • But it is interesting to know that 85 percent of the brain cells, called Neurons, are made up of water.
  • When the body suffers from dehydration (technical name for lake of water in the body), these cells cannot produce sufficient amount of energy for the brain to work.
  • This disturbed state of the brain is found to be responsible for depression by researchers.
  • When the body is dehydrated, the cells in the body send signals to the subconscious mind which causes anxiety.
  • To counter such situation, eight glasses of fresh water every day is advised by doctors.
  • In case of diabetes patients, high levels of glucose in the blood take away water from the cells in their body, leaving them thirsty and urinate often. These are also the initial symptoms of diabetes.
  • Drinking water causes breaking down of sugar. In this way, glucose level in the blood is kept in check.
  • Diabetes patients must exercise a lot as part of their treatment. This process results in draining of water in the form of body sweat. This can leave their body dehydrated. For this reason too, diabetes patients must drink more water.
  • Diabetes patients are always advised to carry a bottle of water when they are travelling.
  • An alternative to plain water is flavoured waters with fruit essence and artificial sweeteners.
  • Though the flavoured waters are approved by American Diabetes Association, it in always in the best interest of the diabetes patients to drink plain reverse osmosis water.

4 responses to How Drinking Water is Beneficial in Treating Diabetes and Depression

  1. I cant believe that water can be so beneficial. I take the pain of drinking 6-8 glasses of water daily.

  2. thank you very much for the advice

  3. thank you for the informatiomn i can use this to remain healthly

  4. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in December 2011. I swear by changing diet, smaller portions and drinking plenty of water. In December 2011 my blood glucose was 323 at my physical. Dr said I had to change. I did. Changed diet completely, started drinking plenty of water (and only water) and now scores are high 80’s to low 90’s.

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