Cancer Male Personality

General personality traits

A Cancer man generally comes across as a very shy person. He speaks less and doesn’t interfere in others business.
He is not among them who reveals everything about himself in the first meet itself. It would take many meetings to get to know a little about him. They are different every time you meet them.

  • He can be nervous at one time and extremely confident the next minute.
  • He is a very romantic person and is frequently found in his dream world.
  • He is an extremely moody person and it takes time for him to get back to his normal self.
  • They look harsh and distant most of the times, but inside they are very gentle and kind.

Cancer and work

A typical cancer man works to make money. He works real hard and takes his work seriously. He will responsible person at work. A very reliable person and works steadily. He will want discipline around him.

Cancer and friends

Cancerian men prefer friends who can support him emotionally and financially when required and they reciprocate the same. For them, old friends are the most precious ones.
When hurt by a friend, the cancerians anger will last for a very long time.

Cancer and love

For a cancerian love is a combination of unchanging affection, healthy bank balance and sound assets. He hesitates to make the first move because of the fear of rejection. He expects to be loved forever,a very romantic person at heart. For him, family comes first before anything.

Cancer and health

Cancerian men are very docile people and can withstand sickness as long as they have material security and enough love and affection. They are normally prone to digestive problems, cough and cold, anemia etc. They are also susceptible to eating disorders.

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