Adolescents Can Fight Depression by Going Early to Bed

There are several known risk factors and treatment techniques for depression. But its cause and cure are not known yet. According to the research studies carried out by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, lack of adequate sleep can be one of the causes of Depression. Eight hours of sleep is adequate and a minimum 6 hours are compulsory for ensuring good health. But this is not the case in different age groups in the United States. Especially the adolescents are worst effected with sleep disorder and suffer from depression. According to an estimate 17 percent adolescents suffering from a type of depression called ADHD are Insomnia patients. This article tries to gain further insight on this topic.

Knowledge Gained from Research:

  • Adolescents who were sent to bed after midnight and later by their parents were 24 percent more likely to suffer from depression.
  • The risk of getting suicidal thoughts in these adolescents was found to be 20 percent more.
  • Adolescents who followed self regulated sleep timings and had five or less than five hours of sleep were prone to depression by 71 percent.
  • These adolescents were 48 percent more likely to get suicidal thoughts.
  • These findings were made in comparison to healthy adolescent with eight hours of daily sleep.
  • Adolescents who followed self regulated sleep habits but slept for eight or more than eight hours regularly were significantly less likely to suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts.
  • Because of these findings, researchers like Dr. James E. Gangwisch, assistant professor at Columbia University Medical Centre in New York, are almost convinced that insomnia can be one of the possible causes of depression.
  • He emphasizes that adequate amount of sleep can be the natural preventive and treatment technique of depression.
  • The research study collected its data from 15,659 adolescents and their parents across the United States.
  • It was known from the research that the average sleep duration found in adolescents was seven hours and 53 minutes.
  • The American Academy of Sleep Medicine recommends nine or more hours of nightly sleep for the adolescents.

According to the research, lack of sleep causes depression by producing moodiness. This hampers the brain’s ability to deal with stress on daily basis. It affects the relationships as the subject becomes impulsive and irate. The ability to concentrate and take judgements deteriorate over the time in these people.

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  1. sleep disorders can also lead to other health issues like cardiovascular disorders-;-

  2. sleep disorders should be treated as soon as possible coz it has a long term health effects`-*

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