How Pains and Diseases Originate from Our Negative Thoughts – Mind Therapy

The right side of our brain provides us the ability to imagine or visualize. In this way, it plays a major role in the way we perceive the world around us. Thoughts are the elements with which the entity called perception is constructed. If thoughts are positive, our outlook about the world be healthy and happy one. Otherwise, we feel the world around us to be gloomy and find ourselves to be sad and sorry too.

Not many of us know that our thoughts can also influence different organs of our body. Negative thoughts and emotions can be the epicentres of ailments in our physical body. One can seek further understanding in to this topic by learning about the practice of Mind Therapy.

Why we need Mind Therapy: Any negative thought or emotion contained within our self for long can manifest itself physically in to either in the form of a pain or disease. Some of the pains and diseases and their associated thoughts are:

  • Ankle pain is experienced when we bear the brunt of others
  • Worrying about future a lot causes right shoulder pain and left shoulder pain is attributed to holding to past traumas
  • Turmoil in relationships can cause pain in the thighs
  • Personal and financial insecurities can cause low back pain
  • Inability to adapt to new circumstances can cause knee pain
  • Excess of anger can cause recurrent fever
  • Emotional problems and melancholy can cause heart problems
  • Resentments and feeling of guilt can cause cancer
  • A great need to control situations and dominate people can cause diabetes
  • Irritation to someone very close can cause sinusitis
  • Fear of authoritative parents can cause Enuresis
  • Confusion and indecisiveness cause migraine
  • Financial insecurities and tensions of future can cause Sciatica
  • Emotional insecurities and fear of rejection can cause obesity
  • Feeling of over burden or over work can cause Varicose veins

What is Mind Therapy: It is a healing mechanism based on the proposition that thoughts are very potent and self transforming. They originate in our mind, but can influence the working of our entire body and happenings of the outside world. It believes that the power behind negative thoughts which we hold for others in our mind, only hurt us. The negative thought uses its ability to transform and manifests itself physically either as a disease or makes the surroundings around us sad and depressing.

Mind therapy uses techniques like hypnotherapy, emotional empowerment and positive affirmations to separate the power behind a negative thought from the thought itself. In this way, healing takes place.

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