Carl Rogers Theories Of Personality

Personality theories have provided a wide range of information on the behavior of an individual and what constitutes him.

Carl Roger was a clinical psychologist. His outlook on human behavior was it is ai???exquisitely rational”. According to him, the inner nature of man is actually positive and he is a trustworthy individual.
His theory is a very valuable contribution to the study of freedom, importance of the self, study of person and recognizing agency. They were rich and matured.

Rogers complete theory was built on one single ai???force of lifeai??? i.e ‘the self actualization tendency’.

Actualizing Tendency

According to Roger, every individual has a hidden actualizing tendency. This tendency is constructive, directional and is present in every living being. It can be held back but can never be killed until the individual is destroyed. Roger says that every individual strives hard to make the best of his existence.

‘Self’ is the main concept in Rogers theory. It is involves awareness of being and functioning and establishes through interaction with other individuals.

Self-Actualizing Tendency
It is the actualization of that part of experience which is symbolized in the self. In brief, self actualization is a master motive- It is the development of the psychology which can only be achieved when all the basic and mental needs are met.

Carl Roger was interested in improving the human conditions. His person-centered therapy is the best contribution to psychology. He always treated people ethnically and encouraged human. According to him, psychology is a ‘Human Science’ rather than a natural science.

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