Research Finds Honey More Effective than Antibiotics in Treating Chronic Sinusitis

Sinuses is the air filled region between the nose and the bones of our skull. Infections or swelling in this region is called Sinusitis. If this state continuous for more than eight weeks and repeatedly appears after a period of time, the person is said to be suffering from Chronic Sinusitis. Nearly 31 million people get effected with this disease in the United States every year. It costs nearly $4 billion of expenditure to the government. It is prevalent in North America mostly.

Symptoms of Chronic Sinusitis:

  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Drainage of a thick, yellow discharge from the nose
  • Pain and swelling around your eyes, cheeks, nose, forehead, upper jaw and teeth
  • Sore throat
  • Bad breath
  • Tiredness
  • Ear pain
  • Vomiting sensation
  • Severe cough at night times

The cause of this disease is not understood properly yet. Antibiotics are prescribed by the doctors to address this issue. But as we know, along with the instant relief, antibiotics also come with unavoidable side effects. But according to a research study carried out by Canadian researchers in the University of Ottawa, honey can treat this disease better than the antibiotics prescribed for this disease.

Why Honey is Useful in Treating Chronic Sinusitis: The bacteria which causes any ailment in the human body can attack us in two ways. They can affect us individually or form a layer of colonies to attack us. Such layers are called bio-films. Antibiotics can effectively kill bacteria when they are individually existing ( technically called Planktonic). It is tough for any antibiotic to kill the bacteria in bio-films. They are 1500 times more powerful than the antibiotics in bio-films form.

In case of chronic Sinusitis the bacteria attacks the region Sinuses forming bio-films. Instead of treating the disease, intake of the antibiotics pose threat to our body. It is because antibiotics are primarily toxins or poisonous chemicals. They prove ineffective in killing the bio-films bacteria, but instead kill the healthy cells and tissues surrounding Sinuses.

Canadian researchers at the University of Ottawa, found in their study that honey could more effective kill both planktonic and biofilm-grown forms of the bacteria. Mentions of the effectiveness of honey in treating infections can be found in ancient alternative medicinal practices like Ayurveda too. Further research is to be carried out to know the components in honey which can are effective against the bio-films of bacteria.

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  1. i have been suffering from sinusitis for so many years and i can only relieve the stuffiness of the nose by means of decongestants.:”.

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