Try to Have Empathy, Follow Intuition and Be Healthy

Effects of modern day hectic life style on health are many. There are various sources like health magazines, television programmes, web sites in the Internet and advertisements around us, trying to draw our attention on this topic, but in vein. We feel that the topic is overrated and we are overdosed on it. But this is one side of the coin. Awareness among general public about health and well being is on the rise. When we find our colleague practice eastern meditation techniques, we desire to be in that posture too, but for a while. This is the other side of the coin.

There is a strange mix of obstinacy and helplessness in our take on health and life style issues. For some weird reasons we refuse to change. But at the same time suffer from guilt for not doing enough. These are some apparent aspects. Few can manage to verbalize their state in words and the rest simply verbalize.

Among some of the subtle facts ignored by this mental obstinacy and sorry state are, supreme human traits empathy and intuition. Empathy is different from sympathy and is related to our feelings and the heart. Intuition is ignored and point-blankly rejected by us every day. It is a mysterious gift of our mind. In simple words, empathy is feeling exactly what it is being in other person’s shoes. Intuition is commonly known to us our stupid gut feelings.

Keeping aside the way society perceives them, showing empathy and following intuition can tremendously influence our health and general well being. In every day casual or formal conversations, there is a dint of aggression and dogmatism present inherently. When we show empathy, we listen more. We allow the other person to let his opinion out completely and do not interrupt or compel him to end his conservation mid way. Such gestures initially surprise our opponents. When it becomes a routine thing, our opponents return our gestures back to us. They too allow us to complete our sentences, show enhanced sense of understanding and appreciate our efforts more. This reduces tension and stress in work place or at our home and improves relationships. Differences are inevitable. But timely display of empathy can ensure harmonious resolutions and prevailing of win-win situations.

Similarly, following intuition can make us be faithful and restore faith on others. Being logical to the state of insanity, expecting only a logical or technical answer to all types of question in life and repeatedly ignoring this mental faculty as mere doubts, is making us more insecure and stressed. We must listen to our inner voice, without questioning it much. The way our subconscious mind records our daily life experiences and manipulates them to our advantage is known to none. But the fact that it works in our interest should be sufficient as a reason to follow intuition.

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