Are PH Value of Blood and Human Ailments Related – Magnetic Resonance Bio Oxidative Therapy

In recent times, medical researchers have focussed their attention on several obscure theories of treatment. The initiative is to have an objective look on the so called claims of effectiveness of these techniques. Most of them lack any scientific basis and are considered as pseudo medical proposals and practices. But there may be some genuine treatment techniques which can appear as new discoveries for healing ailments. This article tries to gain further insight on the basics of one such technique called Magnetic Resonance Bio Oxidative Therapy.

Basics to Understand the Technique: Liquids are either acidic or alkaline. One simple method to know this state of a liquid is by knowing its PH value. Any liquid is called acidic if its PH value is below 7 and liquids with PH value more than 7 are called alkaline. Liquids with PH value equal to 7 exactly are neutral. For example, sulphuric acid has PH value below 7. Water is neutral and has PH value exactly equal to 7. Human blood is alkaline and has PH value equal to 7.4. In order to find out the PH value a special type of paper called Litmus paper is used. When a blue color litmus paper in dipped in a liquid and it turns red, it indicates that the liquid is acidic. Similarly, when a red colour litmus paper turns blue on dipping it in to a liquid, it means that the liquid is alkaline.

How the Treatment Technique Magnetic Resonance Bio Oxidative Therapy Works:

  • This treatment is based on the preposition that human blood should be always alkaline. It means its PH value should always remain above 7 (at 7.4).
  • When the PH value of blood falls below 7, blood turns acidic and a person is said to be sick.
  • The acidic blood stops access of oxygen gas to the affected location of the body. This causes damage to the cells present there.
  • The way acidic formation of blood reacts with an organ, decides the origin of an ailment. For instance, if the acid targets our joints and causes inflammation there, we complain of arthritis. Similarly acid formation in the brain leads to the mental illness called psychosis.
  • Healing of any ailment according to this technique is converting the acidic state of the blood back to alkaline state.
  • This is done by increasing its PH value back to above 7 and close to its standard value of 7.4
  • Further research in the field of Magnetic Resonance Bio Oxidative Therapy is under way to better understand this treatment technique.

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